This could be considered a love letter. Or a letter of reflection. But mostly, this is a letter of gratitude.

I am writing this letter openly to save as a memory for Timi and me as a couple, but also in hopes to inspire other couples. I hope to share my gratitude for my partner and in turn, encourage thoughtfulness, intention, and love between partners during pregnancy.

Thank you.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful.

Cherished. Loved. Desired. Thank you for taking the time every single day of our pregnancy to not only tell me, but also to show me how beautiful you see me as I carry our child into this world. Thank you for making me feel sexy and adored, especially at times I struggled with the various demands and changes my body withheld the past nine months.

Thank you for taking my picture.

This pregnancy has been so incredibly special and a time to be documented and preserved. Thank you for always remembering to take “belly photos” as reminders of this amazing journey. These photos will forever serve as a journal of our great adventures during this unique time of our lives.

Thank you for holding my bags.

Thank you for carrying all the bags from the market. Thank you for lugging around my suitcase on our many travel adventures. Thank you for carrying my purse, regardless of how much you wish I wouldn’t have brought it in the first place. Thank you for understanding that I always need to have my chapstick, water bottle, scarf, eye drops, and a snack with me…

Thank you for wiping my tears.

Thank you for being patient with me, holding me close, and wiping my tears. Pregnancy has been such a beautiful journey for us, but not always easy. Thank you for joining me on this ride, even when it felt more like a hormonal roller coaster than a quiet Sunday drive.

Thank you for being by my side.

For going along with me to every doctor’s appointment and prenatal class. For holding my hand when I was scared and sharing in my smiles when I felt excited. Thank you for making this experience a family one. One that we have been able to share together, as a family of three.

Thank you for connecting with our baby.

For all the nights you made us giggle as you read Dr. Seuss, for telling him stories (even the scary ones), for updating him about our day every morning and night, for tickling his tiny feet and enjoying all of his little movements with me. Thank you for being his daddy since the day we imagined him and prayed for him to join our family.

Thank you for prioritizing “us”.

Because of you, I have never felt alone during this pregnancy. I have always felt like a priority to you as “your girl”. Thank you for remaining committed to nurturing the relationship we have between us. To the partnership we share. To us. The most important foundation of our family.



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