Wake up with mindfulness! “Mindfulness” has been quite the buzzword over the past decade and to be honest, it has got me buzzing!  I have experienced the amazing benefits of […]
I went from describing this time as “challenging” to describing it as “interesting”. I noticed that whenever I was talking about, or writing about the current times I was describing […]
The lucky ones. When this pandemic began, I panicked. My work was centered around human touch and travel. What now? My husband had just moved to a new job, only […]
Have you ever considered how your language can shift your perspective and in turn, change the way you experience your life? For those of you sheltering in place, in quarantine, […]
I began writing this post on Day 14 of lockdown in Valencia, Spain. I wasn’t sure where to start, or even the goal of where I wanted to finish. I […]
“We are in this together” has never been so true. And so important. It all felt so far away at first. As time passed and the closer COVID-19 approached home, the […]
It’s like one of those nightmares when you see a friend at some distance smiling at you. You are screaming at them, warning them about what is approaching from behind. […]
I truly believe the body has the potential to heal the body. After my yin yoga training this past winter, I have developed a deep love for yin yoga, the […]