Looking for the perfect accessory for your little one this holiday season?

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I have been following Owo shoes for a couple years now and always dreamed of the day my own child would wear her shoes. I was so excited when my sister bought me my first pair of Owo baby shoes for my baby shower this spring. I love slipping these cozy shoes on Luca as we go out on the town. Luca’s shoes are the most gorgeous shade of yellow and are the perfect pop of color for any outfit!

Each pair of these soft-soled, lined, baby shoes is handmade with love. The super soft lambskin leather keeps your child’s feet warm and comfortable. The shoes are great as crib slippers for your littlest babes and are a wonderful option for your toddling children as well! If you’re like me, you’ll love browsing her Etsy gallery to see all the adorable colors and styles.

*Winner may select a style, color, and size of their choice

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The day his newborn PJs no longer fit

It seems it all happened at once.

We took Luca to his 4-weeks-old doctor’s appointment. He weighed in at 10 lbs and is almost 23 inches long. How could that be? The next night, he slept 7 hours straight. 7 hours straight without needing to eat. 7 hours straight… without needing me. As I put on his PJs two days later, they wouldn’t snap closed. It was a day I didn’t even know I was dreading. The day his newborn PJs no longer fit.Continue reading

Perspectives of a Newborn Mom

Our sweet Luca John is now three weeks old! Time sometimes feels as though it is slipping away, moving so quickly that I am constantly reminding myself to soak it up. I spend hours just staring at the tiny, squishy miracle I am holding in my arms. Other days seem to drag on and honestly, I have often just held my breath and prayed for the hours to pass more quickly because I know tomorrow will be better. The life of a newborn mom…

Being parents is all brand new to us. Sure, having had a lot of experience with babies and children definitely helped to prepare me for some of the logistics of parenting such as diaper changing, swaddling, bath time, sleep schedules… but nothing in the world can prepare you for being a parent. We have a newborn. But, we are also newborn parents ourselves. Every moment with our sweet Luca is new. Every one of his firsts is our first too. It is the scariest, craziest, most beautiful, all-consuming love that I have ever experienced.Continue reading

Why THIS Pregnancy is Special

Since I can remember, being a mom was what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. Having a family was the one thing I was sure I wanted for my future. I have always dreamed of having three or four children and never really envisioned my life in any other way. Continue reading

12 Signs you are in your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

First trimester…

Illusion, dreams, plans, excitement, morning sickness, exhaustion, tiny outfits, sharing the news, nice boobs and tiny waist.

Second trimester…

Baby showers, baby moons, feeling your baby move inside you, belly photos, maternity clothes, prenatal exercise classes.

Third trimester.

Sh*t just got real.Continue reading

“gracias” y “hasta luego”

A celebration of life, in a moment of loss

Last night I attended a mass to celebrate something I was not prepared to celebrate. A celebration of a life. The life of a mother. The mother of the love of my life. The grandmother to our son that will be arriving in less than two months. The mother who gave me a sense of “home” in Spain.Continue reading