How to encourage your social media followers to become paying clients

client conversion on social media for yoga teachers

Many wellness businesses are turning to social media to build their business and increase their reach. They are posting daily, jumping on those oh-so-intimidating-Facebook-lives, and even messing around with Instagram Reels. However, it’s still not working. Wellness entrepreneurs are realizing that they are not making money through social media.

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Four things that are worth investing in your yoga business

invest in your yoga business

Yoga teachers aren’t necessarily known for “rollin in the dough.” Even before starting your journey as a yoga teacher, you are asked to invest a substantial amount of time, energy and money. Your 200 hour training is already a high-priced investment that you will spend the next year (or 5?) trying to pay off by bribing your friends and family to sign up for your classes in the neighborhood park. Been there, done that. I get it. 

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Eight tips for planning an authentic professional photo shoot for your yoga business

tips for yoga photo shoot

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and hire a professional photographer for your first yoga photoshoot! Good for you. Professional photography is one of the investments I recommend for building a successful yoga business. Planning your photo shoot for your yoga business may seem like a no brainer… “I’ll get into some fun yoga postures and my photographer will capture these great poses.” However, when planning for your yoga photo session, there are many other things to think about to ensure a thorough and authentic result. 

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how to define your niche

I never imagined owning my own business. “Work” was never a huge priority in my life until… I discovered my passion and created ways to thrive professionally while only focused on doing what I love. Living in Valencia, I am surrounded by both brand new and successful entrepreneurs. I’ve worked hard to get my business off the ground, while remaining committed to my mission, values, and passion. Many budding business owners have reached out to me for advice as they set out on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. And here are my top four tips for getting your business off the ground, moving from fear and doubt to inspired action.

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