Collaborative Group Coaching for Wellness Professionals, A 5-Week Program

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A five-week, group coaching program guiding yoga teachers, fitness coaches and wellness professionals on their journey to finding their unique voice and authentic place, in a growing wellness community.

Start Date: March 8th, 2021

Early bird pricing of only 225 euros for sign-ups before February 15th! Only 8 spots available.

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Collaborative Group Coaching led by Jennison

Authentically You

Maximizing your impact online and on the mat
What is it?

A five-week, group coaching program, guiding yoga teachers, fitness coaches and wellness professionals on their journey of finding their unique voice and authentic place in an overwhelming and seemingly saturated industry.

A collaborative journey with an emphasis on your individual goals and unique personal journey. Group size is limited to 8 participants.


“How can I stand out in my field and share my expertise?”

“I want to serve in a unique way, but I am unsure of where to begin.”

“Fear and self-doubt are holding me back from thriving in my business.”

“I get overwhelmed by social media and don’t enjoy the marketing aspect.”

“I want to share my offerings without losing myself and my integrity in the process.”

“I am not sure if I have anything unique or different to offer my community.”

“Who should I market to? Who would buy from me?”

“I have so much to share, but I don’t know how to find paying clients.”

“I am so ready to take my business to the next level and maximize my impact!”

“I feel I have hit some sort of ceiling. I want to break through and make big moves in 2021!”

“I am in need of clarity, guidance and support in this part of my journey.”


What you’ll receive:
  • “Authentically You” Workbook designed by Jennison to guide you through the course and maintain consistent communication with Jennison.
  • Membership in our private Facebook group, which functions as a valuable networking tool, community building, accountability and support system.
  • Professional, experienced yoga professional who has “been there, done that” and is ready to share her expertise
    • Tuning into Passion, Purpose and the Value of YOU!
    • The Magic of Manifestation. Guidance to manifesting your dream clients and your dream life.
    • Authenticating and enhancing your online presence. (Social media, website, YouTube, email marketing and more).
    • Website Review- guidance designing an attractive wellness website to attract and retain your ideal clients
    • How to share your value with your students in person- on the mat, in the studio, and in the therapy room.
    • Filling your toolbox with the tools you’ll need to attract your ideal, dream clients.
    • “More than Marketing” a new way to look at marketing as a means of nurturing your community and maintaining your integrity.
  • Weekly group Zoom calls with Jennison (4).
    • These calls are 90 minutes to two hours each week.
  • Weekly goal-setting with Jennison, plus long-term objectives.
    • Motivation Station! Need some accountability and encouragement to finally launch that online course? Ready to start building your website? Want to create a referral program for your existing clients? Nervous about launching your YouTube channel? Whatever it is, Jennison is here to help. You’ve got this!
    • Procrastination Elimination. Friendly, flexible, but accountable goal setting.
    • Inspired Longevity. How to stay consistent, persistent, and inspired for the long term.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins and unlimited access to Jennison by whatsapp and email for the duration of the course
  • Daily journal prompts to keep you focused, motivated and inspired throughout the course.
  • One-on-one coaching with Jennison during week four, as well as consistent communication throughout the course via email, whatsapp and your “Authentically You” workbook.


Start date March 8th, 2021

Weekly calls are set and selected based on group availability and preferences. All calls are recorded in the case of an individual unable to attend live.

Week One, Module One

Week of March 8th

Diving In!

  • Defining your values and how to integrate them into your offerings
  • Understanding your unique value and how to express this with your current and future clientele.
  • Inspired goal setting, including establishing a short term goal for the next month.


Week Two, Module Two

Week of March 15th

From Passion to Purpose

  • Defining and refining your purpose, connecting to your ideal client, and understanding how fear may be preventing you from taking the next step.
  • Refining your goals to enhance your connection with your current audience and reach your ideal client.
  • How to differentiate your offerings to help your followers become your students/clients.
  • Are you burning bright or burning out? How to keep your light shining.
  • Client outreach for support, feedback and insight.


Week Three, Module Three

Week of March 22nd

Your Authentic Online Presence

  • Showing up for your ideal client online, nurturing your current community, and sharing value with your audience. 
  • Review of social media presence. What to post and when. What to avoid- the mistakes wellness professionals all make!
  • How to post less and attract more.
  • Inspired action! Baby steps or giant leaps in the direction of your dreams.
  • Sneak peak or teaser of your newest offering.


Week Four, Implementation and One-on-One’s with Jennison

Week of March 29th

  • A week to gain momentum in your offerings and programs
  • A 45 minute one-on-one session with Jennison via Zoom


Week Five, Module Five

Week of April 5th

The Launch! 

  • From dreams to intentions, to manifesting your dream life.
  • Taking your goal to reality. It is your time to step into your greatness!
  • Get ready to share your unique value with the world. They are ready for you! Are you ready?


What past participants are saying about their experience…

“Being on the authentically you course, has had a big impact on my business and life in such a positive way, its helped me open up personally and find my true voice, as well as helped me grow my business in ways I didn’t even think was possible before this course, I have already hit some of my goals for 2021 and its only January!”

“Jennison’s Authentically You program is distinct from any online coaching program I’ve been a part of- she really goes above and beyond with individual coaching attention to each and every participant, during weekly calls as well as consistently responding and offering feedback and homework, ideas, questions, etc throughout the whole month. The written homework content as well as journey prompts are so complete and give you more than enough to work on and inspire ideas beyond the month program. She created such an authentic, supportive, and inspiring environment that is genuinely distinct from the majority of programs out there for the value.”

“Jennison has poured her heart and soul into this program, and I feel truly priveleged to have been privy to her invaluable experience and knowledge. My learning has just begun but I feel supported and encouraged to grow from this experience and I feel like I now have a map of where to go next with my business.”

“I highly recommend The Authentically You Collaborative Coaching program. It is perfect for any wellness professionals that want to grow and improve their business from the inside out. The program fits well in your daily life so you can easily incorporate the tools and guidelines in your business throughout the program. Meaning you can see results from week to week. Jennison provides great tools and guidance to help you find your own unique voice, how you can stand out from other professionals like you, how you can communicate it to your audience and how to easily set your mission and goals. This helps plan your year, what you need to prepare for the long term but also for the short terms. Also Jennison is great with giving you real time feedback on what you should be doing more of, how to step out of your comfort zone, how to fine tune your messaging, etc. And overall Jennison is simply amazing! She is very attentive, very approachable, does everything in a relaxed and calm way, and her insights are right to the point! She really wants you to succeed and take as much as possible from this program. I’ve learned so much, I’m sorry the program is over!”