Fall in Love- Online Yoga

Yoga for self-love

Join me for one week of daily recorded yoga sessions, accompanied by loving affirmations.

The seven sessions range from 15 to 60 minutes each.

“Name Your Price” is a donation-based program, with a set minumum donation.

The average exchange for this event is: 25,00

Minimum contribution: 15,00

“Fall in Love” is an online yoga program for self-love.

Join me for one week of daily recorded yoga sessions during the fall season. These seven sessions will be accompanied by loving affirmations to get in touch with your own self-worth and step into your greatness.

Recorded sessions will range from 15 to 60 minutes so you are sure to find a practice that will fit into your day.

Classes will be in a recorded format. You will receive access to the classes via a YouTube playlist, along with a loving, daily affirmation.

You will receive over three hours of Yoga with Jennison!

Sample Class Pack:

Day 1 I AM WORTHY: 15 minute gentle morning sequence

Day 2 I AM ENOUGH: 30 minute empowering vinyasa flow

Day 3 I AM UNIQUE: 20 minute yoga for the heart chakra

Day 4 I LOVE MYSELF: 60 minute flow for balance

Day 5 IT IS SAFE TO BE VULNERABLE: 20 minute energizing sequence

Day 6 I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE: 45 minute sequence for the legs and hips

Day 7 I AM AWESOME: 15 minute flow for anxiety and stress relief