Going Inward for Winter- A Series of Yin Yoga for Emotional Balance

Five sessions of Yin Yoga for Emotional Balance

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Join me on the Yin-side 🙂

As we head into winter and come out of the stress of the holidays, feelings of loneliness and the urge to keep “doing” and “pushing” and “going”, it is more important than ever to take some time to slow down and go inward.

Join me on a journey of yin yoga and meditation. Five, 30 to 40 minute sequences with a focus on the elements and emotional balance.

Each session will include:

  1. A brief overview of the element (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), and how it impacts our physical and emotional state
  2. A description of the meridian channels that conduct energy in the body and how we’ll be encouraging a flow of energy along these channels
  3. The ways in which we can release undesireable emotions that are trapped or stagnant in the body.

The sessions will be designed for all levels and will be mainly made up of floor-based yin yoga postures (no standing necessary!). So grab your mat, a cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea.

It’s time to go inwards.

Yin Yoga Elements and Emotions:

Session 1- Water: fear and inability to cope

Session 2- Wood: anger and indecisevness

Session 3- Fire: fright and hyperactivity

Session 4- Earth: worry and instability

Session 5- Metal: sadness and grief