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Yin Yoga and Thai Massage Feb. 23


A two hour workshop bringing together yin yoga and hands-on thai massage

Location- Espaiom/Ashtanga Yoga House Ruzafa

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

19:30 to 21:30

Purchase is non-refundable for cancelations made within 36 hours of the event

Out of stock

Join us for a nourishing evening of Yin Yoga and Thai Massage.

Join Jennison and Daria for a blissful two hour workshop bringing together yin yoga and therapeutic hands-on massage that will leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated. Jennison will guide you through the quiet, contemplative practice of yin yoga with passive, longer-held poses while Daria will offer hands-on Thai-style assists to help stimulate blood flow, increase the feel-good hormones and release tension.

This truly unique combination acts as a powerful therapy for re-balancing mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Yin Yoga combined with Thai Massage:

-Stress relief

-Relieves aching joints

-Relaxes tense muscles

-Balances the nervous system

-Cultivates heightened body awareness

-Deepens self-awareness and introspection

-Encourages slowing down

-Optimises energy flow to the organs

-Improves immunity and digestion

-A great doorway to a meditation practice

-Improves the quality of sleep

And much more!

More about Thai Massage:

Thai Massage combines rhythmic massage, assisted stretching, acupressure, healing energy work and mindfulness meditation by applying pressure and assisted stretching using hands, thumbs, elbows and feet. The foundation for the practice lies in the belief that there is a wider life force, or Prana, that circulates through the invisible energy channels in the body. The whole treatment is a graceful, nurturing, interactive energy exchange that is sensitive to the condition of each person.


Location- EspaiOm/Ashtanga Yoga House, Ruzafa

Time- 19:30 to 21:30