How my coaching journey began Part 2

There were a couple of things that drove me in the direction of coaching. The more I stepped into my most authentic self and aligned my teaching in the same way, the more motivated I became to help others to do the same.

The more authentic my practice and teaching became, the more I was frustrated by the things I was seeing within the wellness industry- on social media and beyond. I saw many professionals in the wellness industry struggling with the messages they were seeing and the pressure to show up online, and on the mat, in a way that wasn’t authentic to their personality, nor their values.

Social Media can be an incredible space to connect and create community. In the wellness field, it can feel overwhelming, disturbing and even inappropriate.

The pressure to “show up” as sexy and perfectly posed and poised, began to drive me crazy. I found myself frustrated and unfollowing accounts left and right. Yoga is so much more than a beautifully sculpted body, standing on your hands, or twisting the body into nearly-impossible contortions.

The messages of yoga should extend beyond the mat. Yoga is an inward, personal journey of healing, connection and union.

I began to fight back by telling the truth about my story, putting vulnerability at the face of my content – opening up about my depression and anxiety, body image and my yoga journey off the mat. I fought against the hustle culture by promoting rest, agency and intuition when it comes to work. And you know what? It resonated. With many of you. We weren’t alone in our frustration. My hope was that by being open and honest about the truths of my journey, it would allow my students to connect with their own journey and feel comfortable in their own skin as they step onto their mat.

Unfortunately, many of the issues I noticed on social media, were being modeled outside of the online world. This is when my motivation to help guide other professionals in the yoga and wellness industry, really came to fruition.

In 2019 I attended a yoga training to further my education and met incredible teachers at the training- many of whom were new teachers, embarking on their teaching journey. The training was inspiring and informative BUT the trainer was minimizing the voice, creativity and unique skill sets of the trainees. We were being taught “one way” to teach. Her way, or the highway. I was appalled. Frustrated. Saddened. So many gifts and talent being pushed into the shadows. Looking back, I remember the pressure I used to feel when I first started out – to teach the way I was taught. The way the yoga studio demanded. To stay “on brand” with all the other teachers… Enough is enough.

As I saw the tears in their eyes and their insecurities rising up throughout the week, I felt a calling to help. I wanted to create a way to help other wellness professionals to find their unique, authentic voice in a seemingly saturated industry. To step into their greatness, highlight their values in their teachings, and share their magic with the world.

And that is how “Authentically You” was born. A space for you to thrive, connect, discover and to BE YOU. To use your authentic voice as the key to opening up endless possibilities in your wellness business.

Now enrolling for April, 2022

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