I honestly believe that you can manifest anything you truly, truly desire. You know when you really want something, you can FEEL it more than you can actually describe it? That feeling. That’s the key to manifestation. And yes, I manifested this wall on this farmhouse in Tuscany, as well as the stone steps behind me and the wooden shutters that I am looking towards.


* Lack of clarity- what is it that you are really desiring? Tap into what it looks like, sounds like and most of all, what it feels like. When we aren’t clear on our desire, our energy is unclear and our messages to the universe lack clarity as well.

*Lack of belief- this is a big one. I am a fan of manifesting parking spaces and gluten free cake. But I can tell immediately if my energy is aligned and if I really do have faith that I can manifest these things in the moment. Your faith in the process of manifestation is key!

*Lack of openness and/or integrity – when we close ourselves off to being open to divine timing and intervention, we become blind to the blessings in front of us. We can only see our dreams working out in one way, that we don’t notice when the universe is guiding us along a path that may actually be “the way”. By closing ourselves off and being stubborn in the process, we also lack integrity. It’s crucial to let go enough to allow the universe to work in ways that are best for the common good of all beings, not only ourselves.

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Photo by the talented https://www.jacivibes.com/

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