Celiacruz, Russafa

A Sunday brunch always rounds out a great weekend with friends. Brunch is not as common in Spain as it is in the US, so finding a good brunch spot has been on the radar for quite some time. Dulce de Leche in Ruzafa is a popular cafe for brunch among the locals and offers a lot of tasty baked goods including croissants, pizza, and bagels. However, they do not currently offer gluten-free options.


My favorite cafe in Russafa is Celiacruz. Their kitchen is completely gluten free so it is safe for celiacs, those who are gluten intolerant, or those who are just watching their waistline… The best part? Most of their baked goods are also prepared without lactose! The owners are incredibly helpful and informative so don’t hesitate to ask questions about the ingredients of their tasty cakes, empanadas, and pizzas.

Every Sunday, Celizcruz offers a Sunday brunch. The menu varies each week so check their Facebook page for more information and call to reserve a seat…


Lucky for me, this past week, the brunch was both gluten-free and vegan! Wow. A buffet table complete with a variety of homemade dishes and yummy dessert. Some of the dishes  I enjoyed were:

– Vegetarian paella

– Patatas al horno

– Hummus and GF bread

– Vegan pizza with spinach and raisins

– Vegan Mediterranean pizza

– Bean salad

– Lentil salad

– Pumpkin puree with almonds




Let’s just say, I left completely satisfied. Give Guillermo a call if you have any questions. He speaks both Spanish and English. (And his mom is the chef!)

*Bonus Traveler’s Tip: Celiacruz prepares fresh-baked gluten-free baguettes everyday and has them available at 13:00 and 20:30 each afternoon. Be sure to call ahead to reserve one (or three) because they sellout quickly!





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