yoga in valencia

I went from describing this time as “challenging” to describing it as “interesting”.

I noticed that whenever I was talking about, or writing about the current times I was describing it as “challenging”.

“How are you holding up during this challenging time?”

“Sending you lots of love during this challenging time.”

“Oh gosh, what a challenging time…”

I know that our experiences are a reflection of our own perceptions. I also know that we function at our best when our vibration is aligned with the universe, and to be honest, I didn’t like the vibration of the word, “challenging”. Goodness knows, I definitely wasn’t interested in inviting any more challenge into my life. 

But what would be an appropriate way to describe this unprecedented time? Interesting.

“What an interesting time.”

I chose the word interesting, because I want to feel interested in this experience. Interested in the stories of others. Interested in looking inward. Interested in growing through the experience. Interested in its lessons. Interested in our new normal. Interested in seeing what the future holds. It feels better. More open. More receptive. More aligned. I now feel more involved in this experience, an active participant and an active learner. So, I’m letting go of the ways I felt challenged and I’m embracing it in a way that allows me to expand and grow through it.

How about you? How have you been describing your experience?

Photography by @jacivibes_photo at @il_grande_prato in Tuscany.

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