yoga with jennison

The lucky ones.

When this pandemic began, I panicked. My work was centered around human touch and travel. What now? My husband had just moved to a new job, only one month prior. What was going to happen? No school for Luca? How will we manage? A dog we recently adopted who would now be confined to the indoors? How?

We were afraid of the unknown, but we were the lucky ones. We were safe and healthy. We didn’t know how we were going to pay our bills or buy groceries for the month, but we were the lucky ones. We had a community that was eager to help us. We lost most of our work, but we were the lucky ones. We were supported by so many amazing people around the world as we moved my yoga to online platforms. We couldn’t travel more than a kilometer from our home, but we were the lucky ones. We had a home we loved. We couldn’t take Luca outside for six weeks, but we were the lucky ones. We had each other.

So many people reached out to us from around the world. They couldn’t imagine what we were going through. Especially managing with a young child indoors. They were sympathetic and felt sad for us. They felt even more grateful for their own circumstances, living in a large house, with a garden, sunshine and fresh air. We have all been pushed to our edge, challenged to shift and to expand. Forced to lean in and trust in the uncertainty of it all. And through it all, despite it all, we felt grateful too. Why?

Because We are the lucky ones. 

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