Have you ever considered how your language can shift your perspective and in turn, change the way you experience your life?

For those of you sheltering in place, in quarantine, or on lockdown with children…. who is the happiest human in the house? I am confident that most of you would answer, your child(ren). Children have a beautiful way of viewing life and a precious perspective on their experience, even during challenging times.

Luca is thriving during our lockdown experience and I love learning from him every day. While I watch him learn, grow and play, I realize that it is a simple shift in his perspecitive that translates how he is experiencing his day. Likewise, I see how we adults use certain language throughout the day, which can have an unfortunate impact on our own interpretation of our lockdown experience.

I asked Luca last night what his favorite thing about lockdown is. “Todo”, he said. “Everything”.

Luca gets to spend his entire day at home with Mommy and Daddy.

Luca gets to eat three, home-cooked meals today.

Luca gets to spend the whole day playing with his toys.

Luca gets to do yoga and cook with mommy.

Luca gets to sleep in and avoid the rush out the door in the morning.

Luca gets to watch movies and play on the tablet while mommy works.

Luca gets to be safe at home.

And you?

Do you have to work? Or are you lucky enough that you get to work during this time?

Do you have to cook three meals a day for you and your family? Or do you get to enjoy healthy, consistent meals at home?

Do you have to find things to do to combat the boredom? Or do you get to learn a new skill, study, and exercise every day?

Do you have to fight for a moment alone? Or do you get to spend quality time with your children or partner?

Do you have to manage another four weeks without hanging out with your friends? Or do you get to binge watch Netflix and Facetime your loved ones whenever you want?

Dou you have to be stuck at home? Or do you get to be safe at home?

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