Online Yoga Classes

Join us online, via Zoom, for energizing and nourishing yoga classes. These yoga sessions are for all levels of yoga practictioners.

Vinyasa flow classes are energizing and warming yoga practices with modifications and variations provided throughout the class to guide you into the posture that works, and feels, best for you.

You will also find soothing yin yoga sessions on the schedule, aiding in you slowing down, tuning in and discovering emotional balance through the breath and stillness.

Join us twice a month to celebrate the new moon and full moon with an online yoga class that incorporates journaling, meditation and a combination of Yin and Yang styles of yoga. These are sessions you won’t want to miss!

Individual online classes are donation-based. You can choose the amount you would like to contribute as you check-out through the “Name Your Price” function. This payment form has been designed to help to make these online yoga classes accessible and affordable regardless of your financial situation at the moment. Any amount is received with a grateful heart. Thank you.

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