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How my coaching journey began. Part 1

I was having a conversation with a few women the other day who wanted to know more about the “Authentically You” coaching programs. After explaining a bit about the program, one of the women asked, “So you help your competitors?!” My response? “YES!” And here’s why. 

When I first began offering yoga classes in Valencia, my “niche” was teaching yoga in English. There weren’t many other teachers offering classes in English, but there were quite a few students who wanted to practice yoga in a language they felt more comfortable with. As the immigrant and expat communities grew in Valencia, so did my classes.

But soon enough, more and more English-speaking yoga teachers began to move here as well. I remember a couple of them early on, advertising their classes “Yoga in English in the Park”. They wanted to meet with me for a coffee to learn how to grow their English-speaking yoga business in the Valencia

Hmmm… You can probably imagine how this felt.

But then… I switched my perspective. If I was feeling threatened and didn’t help these new teachers, I’d be doing the yoga community a disservice. I wasn’t out there teaching yoga every single day and there are students out there every day, looking for a class.

Did I want my classes to fill up by default? Because I was the only one offering yoga in English? Absolutely not. I want people to practice with me, because I am a good fit for them. They like my style of teaching, they resonate with my message. They feel amaaaazing after class. I want people to choose Yoga with Jennison with intention. Not because of a lack of options.

The more coffee meetings and informal coaching sessions I had, the more inspired I became. I was inspired by the incredible teachers moving to Valencia that I could learn from, and even practice with! 

I was inspired to challenge myself and my own teaching. To enhance my classes, to integrate my values into my niche and to grow my business by focusing on what makes my classes unique and powerful. By being AUTHENTICALLY ME.

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