Tips for traveling internationally with a newborn/infant/baby

As an American mom, married to a spaniard, international travel with a child will always be a part of our family’s life. Our first international trip with Luca was when he was seven weeks old. We flew from Spain to California to celebrate the Christmas holidays with my family. We stayed in the states for five weeks and returned when Luca was 12 weeks old. Needless to say, we learned a lot!

Traveling in and of itself is often stressful and unpredictable. Air travel with an infant can intensify feelings of stress and worry. Flying internationally with an infant is a whole different ballgame. However, traveling with a baby does not need to be a traumatic experience. It requires extra preparation, a lot of patience, and quite a bit more cargo, but it can be done! Here are a few tips for flying internationally with babies.

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10 must-have products for a new mom

Moms are always wondering what they really need for their new baby. We often register for all the shiniest new toys and gadgets and end up using the three things that were handed down to us from a more experienced mama. It is difficult not to buy everything. We want to feel prepared. We want our baby to be happy and well taken care of. We want to head into motherhood ahead of the game and ready for anything.

With that said, here are my recommendations for the 10 must-have products for a new mom. These are the things that were crucial during Luca’s first three months. They helped keep mom and dad sane and kept baby happy during “the fourth trimester“.Continue reading

Perspectives of a Newborn Mom

Our sweet Luca John is now three weeks old! Time sometimes feels as though it is slipping away, moving so quickly that I am constantly reminding myself to soak it up. I spend hours just staring at the tiny, squishy miracle I am holding in my arms. Other days seem to drag on and honestly, I have often just held my breath and prayed for the hours to pass more quickly because I know tomorrow will be better. The life of a newborn mom…

Being parents is all brand new to us. Sure, having had a lot of experience with babies and children definitely helped to prepare me for some of the logistics of parenting such as diaper changing, swaddling, bath time, sleep schedules… but nothing in the world can prepare you for being a parent. We have a newborn. But, we are also newborn parents ourselves. Every moment with our sweet Luca is new. Every one of his firsts is our first too. It is the scariest, craziest, most beautiful, all-consuming love that I have ever experienced.Continue reading

Why THIS Pregnancy is Special

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12 Signs you are in your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

First trimester…

Illusion, dreams, plans, excitement, morning sickness, exhaustion, tiny outfits, sharing the news, nice boobs and tiny waist.

Second trimester…

Baby showers, baby moons, feeling your baby move inside you, belly photos, maternity clothes, prenatal exercise classes.

Third trimester.

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“gracias” y “hasta luego”

A celebration of life, in a moment of loss

Last night I attended a mass to celebrate something I was not prepared to celebrate. A celebration of a life. The life of a mother. The mother of the love of my life. The grandmother to our son that will be arriving in less than two months. The mother who gave me a sense of “home” in Spain.Continue reading

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

For all types of friends…

I always struggled with buying shower gifts for expecting mothers. I wanted to get them something that they would use, but I also wanted to be authentic and get them something unique or “cool”. Something that would be meaningful coming from ME.

There are always going to be the practical moms out there who bring the anal thermometer and diaper cream. I for one, was never one of the friends that wanted to go shopping for these practical mom-gifts because I figured someone else would do it.

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