Why planning a wedding in four days was the most romantic thing we’ve ever done.

The Journey

Finding my soulmate has been a journey, to say the least. So, it doesn’t surprise me that we embarked on somewhat of a difficult journey as we began the planning portion of getting married in Spain. It was easy to fall in love with Timi. Saying “yes” to his proposal was the easiest question I have ever answered in my life. However, collecting… translating… certifying all the necessary paperwork from the states and filing said paperwork, here in Spain, was not so easy. It came to a point where our wedding date was pushed back so many times it began to feel as though it may never actually happen. Long story short, as they say, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. Thanks to Timi’s family, a wedding date that was anticipated for early 2016, was sprung upon us earlier than we may have been prepared for. I will never forget Timi’s expression as I walked out of my confidential interview at the courthouse on a Monday and he said, “so… we are getting married on Friday!”

Marriage. A union worth celebrating!

What a beautiful commitment to share between two people.  Our wedding day. One day dedicated to two people in love. One day that represents a promise of a lifetime as partners, lovers, parents, friends. A day to honor this commitment and embark on one of the most beautiful journeys of life.

Unfortunately, the beauty of a marriage is often overshadowed by the celebration itself. The planning, the decision-making, the organizing, the price tag… Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love weddings. Weddings make for some of the best parties because the celebration is a celebration of love. And what is better than celebrating love?!

Our wedding day was bound to be special. But, the clock was ticking…


4 days notice

Besides time, there were many other traditional aspects of wedding planning that we did not have.

What we didn’t have:

We didn’t have invitations for all of our family and friends

We didn’t have a photographer

We didn’t have flowers down the aisle or a bouquet in my hands

We didn’t have a 3-tiered cake adorned with a customized cake topper

We didn’t have a caterer

We didn’t have a Dj or a band

We didn’t have an exotic, pre-planned honeymoon

We didn’t have a wedding gown or a tuxedo

We didn’t have months of bootcamp to get our bodies into shape

We didn’t have many things, but in our opinion, we had it all…

Here’s what we did have:

We had each other. We had a love that we were so incredibly eager to celebrate. We had marriage on our mind. We had forever in our hearts.

We had friends and family supporting us from around the world. We had Timi’s family with i-phones and Androids in hand, snapping away, recording our special day. We had my mom on FaceTime, (at 4:00 am in California), looking on with tears in her eyes from across the room. I had a dress that was borrowed the day before our wedding. I felt more beautiful than ever as I looked down at my 8-month-pregnant belly. We had our little family. We had the most special opportunity to be able to share this moment with our sweet baby boy. We had our wedding. We had an intimate, celebratory, 4-hour lunch with friends and family. We had both surprised each other with a weekend getaway. We had our honeymoon.

We have each other. We have it all. 

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