First trimester…

Illusion, dreams, plans, excitement, morning sickness, exhaustion, tiny outfits, sharing the news, nice boobs and tiny waist.

Second trimester…

Baby showers, baby moons, feeling your baby move inside you, belly photos, maternity clothes, prenatal exercise classes.

Third trimester.

Sh*t just got real.

1. Your clothes no longer fit. As a result, you have adopted your partner’s wardrobe as your own.  After all, you look pretty darn cute in his t-shirts, huh? And those boxer shorts are the only shorts you feel comfortable sleeping in these days.

2. You cry. Over everything. Sure, things that are sad or frustrating set you off. But so do commercials. And if I’m being honest? I’ve been known to cry over an episode or two of the Bachelor in Paradise.

3. Sleep has pretty much gone out the window. It’s virtually impossible to find a comfortable position that lasts more than five minutes. Plus, it takes about 45 seconds just to roll from one side to the other. Not to mention the fact that your hormones have risen to an entirely new level requiring you to sleep with windows open, in direct flow of an AC and a fan. Forget sheets. The seven pillows in your bed (and not to mention- your partner) are adding enough warmth as it is.

4. That storage room with boxes of cute little furniture and bags of tiny clothes is actually starting to look like a nursery. Paint on the wall, furniture built, clothes and blankets washed and neatly put away by size and color. (Maybe for the last time…)

5. The hospital bag packed by the door is a constant reminder that this baby is really coming. Any. Day. Now.

6. Getting your shoes on is now a chore. Bending over to tie them or strap them on requires some amazing yoga tricks or at least assistance from your partner in the morning.

7. Speaking of shoes. Although you try to avoid shoes with laces at all costs, should you require this type of footwear, said shoelaces are now tied on the side of the shoe, instead of in the middle. It’s just easier that way.

8. You spend literally half the day (and night) in the bathroom. So much time that you actually consider bringing your seven pillows into the bathroom with you at night, just to prevent yourself from having to walk back and forth one more time.

9. Your hair and nails are looking awesome. Period.

10. Let’s talk doorways. They just keep getting smaller and smaller, right? You’ve completely given up trying to squeeze out your car door in a crowded parking lot. “Just drop me off here, I’ll meet you at the entrance”.

11. You are starting to get to know your baby. His routines. The foods he responds to. The types of stories he likes. His movements. His body parts. You are more and more in love every single day.

12. You never have alone time. At the very least, you are constantly in the company of your baby. And you like it. No matter how uncomfortable some of his punches and kicks might make you throughout the day, after a couple hours of stillness, you miss him in a way you never imagined was possible. Heck, you might even do some tricks to wake him up just to feel him again for a moment.

Third trimester of pregnancy


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