how to define your niche

I never imagined owning my own business. “Work” was never a huge priority in my life until… I discovered my passion and created ways to thrive professionally while only focused on doing what I love. Living in Valencia, I am surrounded by both brand new and successful entrepreneurs. I’ve worked hard to get my business off the ground, while remaining committed to my mission, values, and passion. Many budding business owners have reached out to me for advice as they set out on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. And here are my top four tips for getting your business off the ground, moving from fear and doubt to inspired action.

Identify your niche. 

Who is your audience? Get familiar and specific here. Don’t be afraid to niche down. The more clarity you have of your ideal client, the easier it will be to maintain your focus and serve the right audience. Think about who you want to serve. With whom are you eager to share your gifts? Take some time to visualize and write a couple paragraphs about him or her. Identify your special niche as you get to know your ideal client.

defining your niche

Leave perfectionism behind. 

This is a big one. For me, it’s been a self-taught and dutifully-practiced concept. Here’s the thing. No one is perfect. No one. And no one has ever done, delivered, produced or created something perfectly from the very first attempt. So, please, get comfortable with leaving perfectionism behind. The most important thing as a new entrepreneur is getting your gifts out into the world. Begin to share, start to expand your reach and gather feedback as you go. Over time, you can work on “perfecting” your product or service. But today, just get started. Take that first step.

Get comfortable with social media

No, no, you don’t need to become an overnight social media influencer. However, you do need to get comfortable sharing what you have to offer. When you share yourself and your gifts, you show your confidence in what you have to offer. When you put yourself out there, you are reaching your audience- your ideal client- the actual human lives you are working to impact! Don’t worry about over-sharing. For every ten posts you make, the average viewer is only seeing one or two of them. Make yourself shown. Show up and share your gifts! (Some niches will not require social media activity, but most all of your endeavors will required “social sharing”. It may be in person, advertisements, referrals, farmers markets etc.) Figure out how you are best able to reach your idea client and show up!)


“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” Don’t. Give. Up. This is the one that I see the most often. You are inspired by someone who is “doing what you want to do” and you are excited, motivated, and ready to start your journey as an entrepreneur. The problem is that you expect results fast. You may expect your success to happen somewhat overnight. After all, you are doing exactly what that other inspiring person is doing, aren’t you? Please don’t discount the amount of time that successful, inspiring person has invested in their own journey. Don’t assume that just because their failures are not posted on their instagram account, that they have never had an experience like showing up to teach an empty room, talking alone on a Facebook live, needing to cancel an event, losing profit, etc.  Everyone experiences failure and setbacks. It is up to you whether you see this failure as an end or as a lessonChoose the lesson during every experience on this journey. Don’t give up.

four tips for new entreprenuers

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your new business is to be authentically you. You are your super power. So take a deep breath and share your unique voice and gifts with the world. We are ready for you!

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