Spain has a magic word. A word you can use to excuse yourself from pretty much any type of situation. The magic of the word comes from its ability to not only pardon its user, but also to silence the offended.


It’s “excuse me”, “I beg your pardon?”, and “I’m sorry”,

all rolled into one…

Someone is in your way as you try to maneuver through the market. “Perdona”.

You accidentally bump into someone who is blocking your path on the street. “Aye. Perdona.”

You need the waiter’s attention at a restaurant. Wave your hand and say, “perdona!”

Oh, I accidentally spit in your food while talking? “Perdona”.

Someone says something rude to you under their breath… You respond, eyes wide, “uh, perdona?”

You accidently cut off a pedestrian while driving.  Reach your hand out the window, wave, smile, and say, “perdona”.

Someone is smoking next to you while you eat. You give them a “look”. They respond with “perdona”. They switch hands and continue blowing smoke in your direction.

You don’t show up for an appointment. No call, no show. “Perdona”.

I accidently knocked a drink out of your hand at the club? “Oh, perdona, perdona!”

I just ran over your cat with my car? “Perdona”.


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