You’re eating what?! When?!

Since living in Spain I have come to realize that there are quite a few rules related to food consumption. I’m not sure how, but what spaniards eat, and when, has been deeply engrained into their culture. I am often met with a great deal of confusion, and even what appears to be disgust, when I place an order somewhere. I always seem to be getting it wrong. Wrong time. Wrong combination. Wrong order. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Growing up in the states, I feel like meals and food in general are a kind of free-for-all. You want pizza for breakfast? Go for it! Waffles for dinner? Sounds like a party! Coffee… all. day. long? Wouldn’t expect anything less. Eggs for lunch. Burritos for breakfast. Sandwiches whenever you’d like. No one really cares.

Here are a few of my favorite “mistakes” to make in Spain and the quotes of shock and horror that follow…

“Coffee? Now? But, before lunch??!!!”

“Paella for dinner? #tourist.” Bonus points if you pronounce it “pie-el-la”.

“Wine and chocolate? That’s sooooo American.”

“You want a croissant now? But it’s 12:00. But it’s 2:00. But it’s 9:00.” Seriously? When am I allowed to have one?!

“Champagne and juice? For breakfast?”

“Eating in the car? Ummm…”

“Coffee to go? Where?”

“An omelet for breakfast? Ha!”

“Mexican? What’s a frijole?”

“Potatoes? But… for breakfast?” (In reality, anything salty for breakfast causes a slight uproar).

Potato with potato omelet, dipped in ketchup.
Potato with potato omelet, dipped in ketchup.


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