Every since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being madly in love. I dreamed up a happy life with an adorable, loving husband. I wanted a family of my own. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a mom.

As a young girl, I played “house”, spent hours in my room with Barbie and her friends, and my dolls were my own little babies. I always wanted to be the mom when I played house and felt a natural calling to nurture those around me. My Barbie was in love with Ken. It was certain. There was only one Barbie and one Ken. They were soulmates. They loved to cruise around in their convertible in the hot sun and loved living together in their Barbie house. They even had a little Barbie baby. I played with dolls as early and as long as I could remember. I treated them as my own children. I loved to bathe them, to dress them, to sing to them, and to play with them. Mostly, I loved to love them.

My parents are the ultimate example of soulmates and I was extremely blessed to grow up in a house of love. They loved on each other and on us, their four children, each and every day. Their love was the foundation of which our home was built. Their love was like a dream. Something so unique and rare, I thought it may be impossible to discover for myself. Lucky, even. But nevertheless, something I admired. Something I dreamed of. Something I waited for.

My whole life has led up to where I am now. My whole life I dreamed of, searched for, and waited for my true love. My true loves. My whole life was a journey, paving the way to where I am today. To the vision to which I wake up each morning. A path, which was sometimes confusing and one that I often questioned. But a path on which I continued to travel with blind trust. With hope. I trusted the divine timing of this journey. As I wake up today, I realize. I have it. I have the love I always dreamed of. I have the husband that I hoped for. I found my soulmate. We have the baby I always cared for when playing house or with my dolls. I have them in my life. In my arms. As I stare at them laying next to me, I say, “I waited my whole life for you”.

The wait is over. But lucky for us, our journey together has only just begun.

marriage and parenthood
My very own Ken!



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