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One major perk of living in Europe is the plethora of coffee shops. I love the coffee shops in Valencia for multiple reasons. Here are my TOP TEN.

  1. There are only a few Starbucks (a refreshing difference from seeing one on every other corner).
  2. Most of the coffee shops are individually owned, which makes them each unique in their own special way
  3. The coffee is much stronger than us “Americanas” are used to. Cuidado with a double shot espresso… aka cafe doble
  4. Free WiFi
  5. Plenty of outdoor seating for people-watching in the city
  6. The “coffee” shops also sell beer and wine
  7. They are open late at night and are perfect for grabbing a drink with friends before (or after) dinner
  8. Cozy indoor seating, perfect for working on your laptop for hours on end. Best part? No one will rush you out of the cafe, even if you only ordered a 1 euro espresso to begin with
  9. There are generally about seven different coffee shops on each street. You can try out a new one every day of the week!
  10. Homemade baked goods! Tastyyyyyy

And without further ado… a list of my favorite cafes in Valencia!

BLUEBELL COFFEE CO. Wow. I could stay here all day! Tucked away a couple of blocks from the busy foot traffic of Ruzafa, this coffee shop is truly an oasis in the city. Not only do they make amazing coffee with cute designs on the foam, but they have delicious homemade sweets and a menu with “real” food as well. Enjoy a chai latte with your bolitas veganas on the adorable outdoor patio or listen to great music inside, at one of their cozy tables. Best of all is the weekend brunch. With mimosas. Yea, mimosas.

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cafes in valencia spain

LA MAS BONITA has two locations- one with gorgeous Mediterranean sea views in Patacona and one located in the hip neighborhood of Russafa, near the city center. Both are special in their own way. La Mas Bonita is known for their homemade baked goods and incredibly delicious cakes. So far, none of their cakes are gluten free, but they have a delicious menu with plenty of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Definitely check out their curried vegetable quinoa salad or one of their green juices! (For non-celiacs, the Galleta Oreo Tarta is to die for).

Traveler’s tip: sit near the back of the cafe in Russafa and enjoy a cafe largo while watching the talented bakers at work.

cafes in valencia spain

GUAYOYO. We love having another tasty option for almuerzo or merienda in Russafa! Quickly becoming my favorite cafe during the week and weekend, Guayoyo offers up superior service and a variety of homemade treats. Their fresh juices and smoothies are blended right in front of you and pair nicely with their healthy toasts and bocadillos. All menu items use a variety of creative pairings of seasonal ingredients. Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine and their delicious, infused olives on the peaceful outdoor patio.

Traveler’s tip: don’t miss their Sunday brunch, complete with a slice of homemade cake (the carrot cake is a personal favorite).

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cafes in valencia spain

CELIACRUZ is my favorite place to go to for a 100% gluten free croissant or empanadilla. Because it is a cafe specifically for celiacs, there are many regulars and I can usually always find a cozy seat in the corner to sit with a cafe americano and work quietly. I am partial to the company of one of their gluten free chocolate donuts as well. Celiacruz offers a weekly, themed (Italian, Spanish, Vegan, or American) Sunday brunch, which is completely gluten-free for 10 euros. Interested in a vegan, gluten-free brunch in Russafa? Read more here.

Traveler’s tip: Call ahead to reserve one of their fresh-baked GF baguettes, which are prepared everyday, twice a day, for your enjoyment!

*Bonus! Celiacruz is now selling their products online and offer delivery to your door!

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cafes in valencia spain

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