Everything is going to change…

You all warned us. Everyone told me. Change is inevitable. Being pregnant and starting a family will obviously change one’s life. No more spontaneous, late nights out dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Might as well forget about sleeping altogether. No more spending money on lavish trips around Europe. . Your relationship with your partner will shed light on unique challenges. Oh yea. And your body. That’s going to change too.

I expected change. I even invited it in with open arms, ready to embrace this new adventure upon which we were about to embark. Although our sweet baby boy hasn’t arrived yet, the changes are already undeniable. So, here they are…

4 things no one warned me about pregnancy

1. Late nights will become your favorite part of the day

Late nights out are definitely off the table. My body literally begins to shut down after dinner. All the muscles in my back start to retaliate against me. My abdominal muscles (or what’s left of them) begin to stretch and expand… basically rip apart by the end of the evening.

What no one told me was that late nights previously spent out at the bars or dancing at the discos would now turn into something so much more beautiful. Summer nights sharing an ice cream and great conversation with friends. Laying in bed, massaging my belly, waiting to feel the sweetest baby kicks. Falling asleep talking about our beautiful expectations and excitement for our growing family. These are the moments I have treasured the most during pregnancy.

2. Nesting is REAL!

I’ve heard of the nesting phase. I’ve watched it occur. I’ve even helped my sisters prepare their nurseries and homes for their expected arrivals. But, wow. I could have never imagined the actual emotional, biological, and psychological impact of nesting. It is a beautiful feeling really. A desire to be settled and to begin to build a home. A nest, rather. A feeling it seems, most all animals have the gift of experiencing when preparing for their young. The desire to build this comfortable, supportive, loving nest for our baby boy comes with the desire to stay put. An appreciation for home that I have never felt before. A lack of needing to flee to other parts of the world to feel something. A temporary remedy for my travel bug. A love for spending money on soft clothes and blankets for our baby, instead of filling our own closets with the newest fashions. An adoration for the tiny, white crib centrally placed in the nursery nest.

3. You and your partner will see each other differently

I had always imagined pregnancy to be such a lonely feeling. A responsibility that I would take on, all on my own. One that would be impossible to share, much less enjoy, with a partner. I didn’t know it would be possible to love Timi any more that I did 26 weeks ago. I was so wrong. From the moment I kissed his smile as we saw the positive results of our pregnancy test, to today, as I listen to him have a private conversation with our little baby in my belly, I love him in a way that is so much deeper than I ever could have imagined. I see him differently. He is “daddy” now. But not only that, he is my partner on this incredible journey. Not only have I never felt alone with him by my side, but I have felt completely supported, admired, and cared for as I work to care for the growth of the love of OUR lives. It is as if we have a little secret, something only we can share with one another, as the rest of the world looks on.

4. You will be amazed by your body

Yep. My body is changing. Growing. Stretching. Expanding in more ways than one. Nope. My clothes don’t fit anymore. And the ones that do, don’t fit the way they are supposed to. However, I have never been more in awe of my own body. I have never looked in the mirror and been more proud of what I see in the reflection in front of me. Pregnancy is often physically uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, but these discomforts are merely constant reminders of the little life inside. I often find myself yearning to feel those hard kicks to the bladder and punches to the ribs. I love to watch my belly flutter with the excitement of the sweet little baby inside. My body is changing every single day and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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