Baby Shower Gift Ideas

For all types of friends…

I always struggled with buying shower gifts for expecting mothers. I wanted to get them something that they would use, but I also wanted to be authentic and get them something unique or “cool”. Something that would be meaningful coming from ME.

There are always going to be the practical moms out there who bring the anal thermometer and diaper cream. I for one, was never one of the friends that wanted to go shopping for these practical mom-gifts because I figured someone else would do it.

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7 Things I Couldn’t Live Without During Pregnancy

Wow. 30 weeks. What a journey it has been! I honestly feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be able to simply bend over to grab something off the floor or what it was like to get out of bed without literally steamrolling off the side. The constant urge to urinate and the back aches just feel normal now. I remember the first time I felt this sweet little baby’s movements inside of me. Continue reading

Mallorca Off the Beaten Path

Mallorca is one of our favorite vacation spots. We love it for so many reasons. Besides the 300 days of Mediterranean sunshine per year, one of my favorite things about Mallorca is that it is the perfectly-sized island. One can return to Mallorca on various occasions, visiting different parts of the island and feel as though he or she is exploring an entirely new island.Continue reading

4 Reasons to Take a Babymoon



A relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born

Babymoons. I have recently heard quite a bit of criticism around the concept of a babymoon. Followed by an eye-roll and under-the-breath “kids these days…” commentary. Babymoons are an adaptation of the honeymoon and are designed to provide expecting parents a little R&R before a new baby arrives. Although I can understand the envy of couples who did not know about, or did not have the opportunity to take advantage of, said babymoon… I do not see it as a concept to be looked down upon.

Personally, any excuse for self-care, celebration, or time dedicated to your partner, is a “Hell Yes!” in my book!

4 Reasons to take a babymoon

1. For yourself

Regardless of if you have children or not, time dedicated to self-care and time away from life’s general stressors, is often few and far between. Think of a babymoon as time for numero uno. Time to do what YOU want to do. Time to relax. Time to sleep. The past few months have been consumed with thoughts, fears, anxiety, and the excitement about that sweet baby you are about to carry through your front door. You’ve been truckin’ around that growing belly to doctor’s appointments, showers, Ikea, and Babys-R-Us. You’ve been examining every food label, reading every blog post, and following “The Bump” like it’s your job. Give yourself a break. Just press pause for a moment. Grab a book (completely unrelated to childrearing), put on a bikini and rock that bump, lather up with your chemical-free sunscreen, order up a virgin margarita, sit back and RELAX for goodness sakes!

Relaxing al Cala Formentor, Mallorca
Relaxing at Cala Formentor, Mallorca

2. For your relationship

Since the day you saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy test, your relationship with your partner changed. As I’ve talked about in previous posts, I believe this change can be the most beautiful, greatest thing to ever happen to a couple. However, it takes work. It takes perspective. And it takes patience. Use your babymoon as a time to connect as a couple. Go out for a romantic dinner. Talk to each other. Not just about your plans for your new baby and your expectations for your growing family, but talk about yourselves. Yourselves as individuals. Yourselves as a couple. Hold hands. Make love. Enjoy the quiet. And of course, sleep-in.

Altea, Spain
Altea, Spain

3. For your baby

Now that your baby has a relaxed and happy mom and dad, let’s celebrate! A new baby is one of, if not the greatest thing to celebrate in this world. Sure, you could celebrate at home with a glass of sparkling apple cider. Or maybe a night out at the movies. But, why not celebrate BIG? Big like the love you are about to experience in just a couple months. When you are relaxed by the pool, hand in hand with you partner, take a moment to really focus on your sweet baby. Touch your belly and watch your baby moving around inside. Get a massage or have your partner treat you to a massage-oil rub down. Feel those sweet little kicks and punches. Celebrate. Enjoy. Treat yourselves. Be a family. Soak it up. You deserve it. And so does your baby.

4. A chance to explore

Step outside your comfort zone and experience something new. Choose a place to visit that you’ve never been before (even if it’s booking a hotel in a new neighborhood in your own town). Schedule most of your time…without a schedule. However, book at least one activity that you’ve never done before. Maybe it is a new hike along the coast. Maybe whale watching or visiting a planetarium. Learn the trade of cooking a local dish if you’ve traveled outside the country. Make new memories with your little family. As for the rest of the time, keep your schedule open and just relax. Oh yea, and did I mention, sleep in?

Cala Agulla, Mallorca
Cala Agulla, Mallorca
Babymoon tips*
The best time to travel on your babymoon is during the second trimester.

You’ve passed the most sensitive time of your pregnancy and have hopefully overcome your morning sickness. Plus, your belly is the perfect size for photographs and you are still physically comfortable enough for travel. Most doctors and airlines will approve an expecting mother to travel throughout her second trimester, but be sure to check with both before booking any tickets.

Check out deals on Groupon, Living Social Escapes, and

These sites not only offer great deals to a variety of locations around the world, but they often include airfare and some include breakfast as well. is a great way to book last minute deals, in great hotels, in the area of your choice!

 Want to read more about our Babymoon in Mallorca, Spain? Check out my post on Mallorca, Off the Beaten Path!

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7 ways to connect with your partner during pregnancy

Pregnancy. defines pregnancy as: The state of carrying a developing embryo or fetus within the female body.

As accurate as this definition is, I find it extremely limiting. The experience of pregnancy is something to be shared and experienced with so much more than the internal workings of a female body. The creation of life required the participation and commitment of a set of partners. This connection shouldn’t end here. Continue reading

4 Things no one warned me about pregnancy


Everything is going to change…

You all warned us. Everyone told me. Change is inevitable. Being pregnant and starting a family will obviously change one’s life. No more spontaneous, late nights out dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Might as well forget about sleeping altogether. No more spending money on lavish trips around Europe. . Your relationship with your partner will shed light on unique challenges. Oh yea. And your body. That’s going to change too.Continue reading